About K-Step Montessori

Why K-Step Montessori

For over 22 years, K-Step has brought the child-centered Montessori Method to local communities. In 2002, the founders whom were recognized for providing quality childcare programs for over 45 years were awarded a contract by the Department of Social Services. Today we provide childcare for more than 350 children in Southern California and envision a future made brighter by an interdisciplinary approach to early education.

Rest assured that K-Step will provide your child with an early childhood education that not only inspires them to excel but also equips them to become lifelong achievers. Our esteemed Program Director, Board, and team have amassed over 40 years of collective experience in this field.

Furthermore, our Executive Director, who possesses a Master’s in Human Development and Childhood, has a commendable track record of over 15 years of experience. Our culturally diverse staff members are committed to fostering a learning environment that promotes exploration, independence, and mutual respect, thereby fostering the inner growth of every child. As a result of our unparalleled expertise and commitment, your child will undoubtedly be a happy and knowledgeable learner who is taught by experts.

More than a Traditional Daycare

At K-Step, we offer an array of engaging workshops and enjoyable family events that allow you to foster a deeper connection with your child and witness their love of learning blossom.

We take pride in being more than a traditional daycare; we are a community that provides children with the necessary space and freedom to let their imaginations soar and grow into confident learners.

Our early development programs offer an innovative and hands-on approach to learning that not only expands your child’s mind but also enhances their character by fostering traits like leadership, discovery, and innovation.
Let us work together to cultivate bright, engaged, and curious young minds who can become the trailblazers and influencers of tomorrow

The most important period of life is not the age of University study, but the first one. The period of from birth to age 6.

Dr. Maria Montessori

We strive to give our unwavering support to local families by providing them with accessible and reasonably priced childcare services and early development programs. Whether you are occupied with work, seeking employment, or attending school, you can entrust your child’s well-being to us and rest assured that they will receive a comprehensive education that will equip them for success in adulthood.

At K-Step, we recognize that children are not only the heart of our communities but also the agents of change that can bring about a better world. To this end, we have adopted the Montessori Method as a teaching approach, which empowers children to be self-directed learners and enables them to acquire the essential learning skills necessary for achieving academic and personal excellence in the future.

Moreover, we understand that your involvement in your child’s early development is pivotal. Hence, we actively encourage parents to participate in the learning process and value your feedback to ensure that we can work collaboratively to help your child progress. We want you to feel like a valued member of the K-Step community, invested in your child’s growth and development.

Passionate Teachers

According to Dr. Maria Montessori’s observations, children have critical periods of development when they are highly receptive to certain concepts and ideas, akin to sponges that absorb water.

Montessori facilitators embrace a child-centric approach and are attuned to these sensitive periods, allowing them to provide tailored lessons that are optimally timed for a child’s individual developmental stage.
Rather than imposing information, the Montessori Method stimulates a child’s senses and unveils novel insights through experiential learning.

By relinquishing their authoritative role in the learning process, Montessori educators provide children with the necessary tools, guidance, and resources to embark on their own exciting and self-directed discovery journeys, empowering them to find their own answers.

Our passionate preschool teachers possesses several more qualities that contribute to their success in the classroom, including their Genuine love for children: Our teachers genuinely enjoys spending time with young children and have a natural ability to connect with them.

Our Teachers have abundance of Creativity: They always think outside the box to create engaging, hands-on learning experiences that are tailored to meet the needs and interests of individual children.

Our teachers have motherly Patience: Preschool children can be challenging at times, but a passionate teacher has the patience and understanding to handle difficult situations with care and compassion. Patience comes with adaptability: Our teachers are flexible and can adjust their teaching style to meet the needs of different children and situations.

Our teachers always teach with a very Positive attitude: They exudes positivity and create a warm and welcoming classroom environment that promotes a love of learning.

They have excellent communication skills that are essential for a preschool teacher to effectively interact with both children and parents, conveying information clearly and with empathy.

Our teachers are committed to their own professional development and are always seeking out new and innovative teaching methods and strategies to enhance their classroom instruction.

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