Early Pre-K

Early Pre-K child at K-Step Montessori

Early Pre-K

Ages 2 to 3 years old

Early preschool Montessori is an excellent option for early pre-k (toddlers) because it provides a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for them to explore and learn. Montessori classrooms are designed to encourage independence, self-discovery, and creativity, which are important aspects of early childhood development. The Montessori approach emphasizes hands-on learning through play, which helps toddlers develop their fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, and social-emotional intelligence. The multi-age classroom also provides toddlers with the opportunity to learn from and interact with older children, which can help them develop social skills and language abilities. Early preschool Montessori is a great option for toddlers because it helps them build a strong foundation for future learning and development.

Financial Support

At K-Step, Collaborating with State and Alternative Funding Program we offer support to income qualified families with access to quality childcare and education with state funded subsidized plans. 

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